Friday, November 5, 2010

Look! How blue the sky!

Media Announcement: Here is my contribution to HTMLGIANT's Literary Magazine Club discussions on the most recent issue of NYTrant: "A reaction to the letter Breece D’J Pancake wrote but did not send to his mother before his 1979 suicide." Enjoy!

Muriel Spark, All the Stories of Muriel Spark

Folks are abuzz about Spark! I like this first story about how she is a ghost selectively appearing to old friends and neatly relating that to reminiscence. Her eloquence and poised prose is a nice break from the rough man talk I've been all up in as of late. Were I a ghost, I'd probably choose to spend my limbo years fucking with people. Moving really stupid things like the lawnmower or turning a plant by a few degrees, the kinds of things that the living would notice but would feel silly remarking upon.

Look! How blue the sky! How big the country! I don't know why I'm so excited! Maybe I'll read Walt Whitman on my phone during the bus ride home!

Life is all abuzz! Edited a big magazine story! Or rather received edits and pretty much agreed with them! I decided I'm not going to do Sweet Tooth anymore! My darling wife's birthday tonight! Tailgating tomorrow! England, Christmas! Who knows what the weekend holds?!

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