Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"New Face in Hell"


The Fall, Grotesque (After the Gramme) and It's The New Thing! The Step Forward Years

"New Face in Hell" by the Fall seems a gleefully hyperbolic reaction to the mid-term elections, though it occurs to me that on Grotesque, originally titled After the Gramme - The Grotesque Peasants - Smith is kazoo-armed lacerating the whole of English politics circa 1980, exposing the partisan divide into which the poor are cast, and I feel that way myself about ours now. The whole election process is eely and I'm glad to have it slither back into the murk for a while. I always contest that I love Louisiana partly because it is a mess, so I should probably revel in having my fellow voters embrace a former exorcist governor with presidential delusions and a re-elected family values senator who has probably used the word "whoremonger" in a sentence while actually being one. So instead of railing against the new day in hell, I'll cozy up with the psycho mafia. Don't ask me who makes the Nazis, because I'm afraid of the answer.

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