Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Bears Acknowledgment

The Monster Club at Couyon's bears acknowledgment..

Peter Hammill/Roger Eno, The Appointed Hour
Newspeak, Sweet Light Crude
Michael Bach, John Cage: The Number Pieces 3: One8
Stephen Drury, Mayumi Miyata, Irvine Arditti, John Cage: The Works for Violin: Two4

Missy Mazzoli makes magic music.

It's three PM already? I wonder if there's coffee left. There is! And Cookies! Left over from, I don't know what they are left over from! When I worked a Major Software Concern in the Pacific Northwest, my office was around the corner from the media conference room, one in which the Concern's Media Personality CEO did TV appearances announcing things and those appearances were always catered and the unspoken rule was that 30 minutes after the meeting was over we could go scavenge whatever was left: largely bagels and fruit but OK! But once, during the announcement of a new version of a particular year's Important Software, they had omelet chefs out there for the press and dignitaries and I got in line anyway, hiding my security badge.

A friend got an invite to an orgy or a swinger's meet-up or something  like that once and on the invite it said there would be an omelet chef and she was mulling about whether she should go or not. I said, "Dude! Free omelets!" or something like that. I don't remember if she went. One of the early writers for OutsideLeft went to one and wrote a story about it and the whole things sounded like not my scene, omelet station or no.. .

I feel better with some coffee in me. And it's only two. I never reset my wall clock for the time change.

The Bears Acknowledgment is a pretty good band name deserving of a band, I think.

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