Tuesday, November 2, 2010

(AKA Leather Tuscadero)

It looks like the sea monkey planet outside my office window.

Various artists, Julian Cope's DETROITROCKSAMPLER
Otis Rush, Groaning the Blues

Media announcement:  "I started my tenure with 225 out of frustration." is how I start my assessment of the Baton Rouge music scene over the last five years  with 225 Magazine. In the print issue I profile aggressive, progressive rockers Twin Killers about what makes them tick. This was written two months ago, but my fickle ass is still into their EP. Also, a profile of Justin Townes Earle and reviews of albums by Cajun country classic D.L. Menard and modern country crowd-pleasers the 484 South Band.Busy month.

I read Lester Bangs' take on this Otis Rush record while looking for his article about Brian Eno in Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung that I apparently made up because it isn't in there. And while rain is good Brian Eno weather, it's better Otis Rush weather.

Otis ich bin ein Berliners.

And speaking of reading, I didn't even read the Julian Cope article that accompanies the DETROITROCKSAMPLER mixtape on his website because I'll bet it is more genius than my deadlined mind can encompass. The jamz therein kick out.

The Pleasure Seekers (feat. a very young Suzi Quatro (AKA Leather Tuscadero) and her sisters), "What a Way to Die" as heard on DETOITROCKSAMPLER

Here she is as Leather doing "Johnny B. Goode" on Happy Days

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