Monday, August 31, 2009

bumming cigarettes off Fugazi

Celeryman - (MySpace) Ha! This stuff is weird! Like it starts out weird in that way that songs you think are going to start out weird and then straighten themselves out do, except these never straighten out! Thanks @jgrossnas for the heads up. It features NYC noise/jazz/etc dude Samm Bennett for whom I once blew off a jam packed Fugazi show in New Orleans so I could be one of 17 in the "crowd" at Tipitina's to watch his solo set and performance with the Fertile Crescent, and from whom I bummed cigarettes during the break. Try bumming cigarettes off Fugazi and see where that gets you.

Sax Ruins - Yawiquo (listen) If you didn't think Ruins were soul-abrading enough, their brass upgrade to Sax Ruins will sandblast all possible ailments from your system. It bears the justify-my-love traits of a lot of Ipecac's attention-deficit catalog, but the horn-section back end grounds this a lot more than the Ruins original drum 'n' guitar setup ever did.

Hawkwind - This is Hawkwind; Do Not Panic (listen) As a kid, I wanted to occasionally be the Incredible Hulk. At the right moment I would become the destructive id-monster of rage and wrath. Now, I'd be happy to occasionally become Nik Turner of Hawkwind, space god warrior shaman, unabashedly vanquishing all comers with guitar solos, flying saucer battalions, and shameless sense of purpose.

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