Wednesday, August 26, 2009

maintaining equilibrium and through that, my edge

The Who - A Quick One (listen) I love the Who for being train-jumpers, running with whatever was going at the time and imbuing it with their sense of ragged humanity. The band's second album is no The Who Sings My Generation nor is it a Who's Next in terms of lasting galactic relevance, but the epic title cut is one of my favorite things they ever did, and it is full of great little genre ditties like this one penned by Mr. Moon that know one remembers.

Melvins - Ozma (listen) Melvins occupy the spot on the exact opposite side of the orbit rock 'n' roll makes around the dying star of humanity than does the Who's jaunty covers of "Barbara Ann" that fill out the tail end of the previous release; and in the interest of maintaining equilibrium and through that, my edge, I spiral down my afternoon in their murk. And they are playing here in town on Saturday at Spanish Moon.

No Age - Losing Feeling (Streaming at SubPop, registration required) and in the middle lies music like this: neither fast nor slow, not noisy nor quiet, sweet yet disengaged. I've heard it said, and have even myself said that on the middle path lies the Truth, but it can also be said the Truth is often less interesting than the Story that can be found out in the weeds.


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