Tuesday, August 11, 2009

there is a deeper wave than this

ELO - Time (listen) I cannot dislodge Lil Band O' Gold's superb swamp pop cover of "Hold on Tight" from my brain, so I'm hoping Jeff Lynne will pardon all the bad things I've said about him over the years and use his spaceship's tractor beam and help a brother out.

Here is the 1981 video, which at the time, was the most expensive ever made.

I love this song. And this whole record, really.

Dave Matthews Band - Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King (listen) I took Maya to the record store with me yesterday, and while walking around the store, she picked up the vinyl copy of this and offhand said "Oh... I've listened to this one." I looked at her funny because, nothing against the guy, there are no DMB supporters in our house and she is at that pushing-the-truth, just-saying-things stage of being eight. "What? I heard it at ___'s house. I kinda like it. It's sorta jazzy. It is a little corny, but I like it anyway."

It was with her astute, concise assessment that I knew she had heard this record. She has already proven her critical acumen with Dirty Projectors. I might start outsourcing this whole business line to her. I told the clerk about it on our way out, and he turned to hand her a promo copy of the record that none of the staff wanted. It made my heart swell with pride; it wasn't until my twenties when I figured out how to make the world give me free records all the time.

I thought this song was going to be Cameo's "Word Up" for a second.

Sting - Dream of the Blue Turtles
(listen) Dave Matthews is actually a better Sting on the new record than Sting has been in decades. I was just thinking about this record the other day, how huge it was. Like, didn't Sting sell out the Superdome? I still like this song when I hear it. Corny, but I like it.

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