Wednesday, August 19, 2009

not surf rock

Boogie Boarder - Pizza Hero (listen) Not-surf-rock that is about surf rock. It is definitely rock, largely instrumental, and would probably be good music to enjoy while surfing but is still not surf rock, nope. Maybe if the rest of the guys from Pavement were to form a not surf rock side project that still managed to not be surf rock, it would sound like this, but probably not as tight.

The Fruit Bats - The Ruminant Band (listen) This is all the rage for all the old reasons: reverb as an unspoken member, Moe Tucker drums, lilting butterfly lyrics flitting over the sundrenched field of song while a small Zeppelin hovers at low altitude. I'm guessing the "ruminant" in the title means contemplative as opposed to cud-chewing though, until now, I never considered the similarities between those two states. I do like how this band is unafraid of a good guitar solo now and then, just like a surf rock band, which this also is not. It would most likely sound good at the beach, where I wouldn't mind being today testing that hypothesis, but am not.

I have beach on the brain because I went to my daughter's third grade open house thing last night and on the white board were her details about our weekend at the beach this summer, listed as a part of an exercise on "details." Click for a better view of said details.

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