Sunday, August 9, 2009

mustang sally kind of morning

Joe Cruz - Good Luck Man (CDBaby) - Texas bar band singer-songwriter in the style of Delbert McClinton that was big in Houston in the 70's with his group the Cruisers, opening for Mickey Gilley, Johnny Paycheck and the like. I'm particularly digging his modern Norteño reinvention of "Delilah." (see the sample on the CDBaby entry), especially how the horn section drags the melody inexplicably into "the James Bond Theme" at the end.

I can't find much more about him, but I'm guessing he is not the same Joe Cruz who, with the Cruzettes, was the "1978 PHILIPPINES BEST COMBO" as designated in this spellcasting un-embed-able YouTube clip. If he is indeed the same Joe Cruz, he's had quite an interesting career

Magic Slim - Raw Magic (listen) This 1982 album is flush with Jimi Hendrix blues reclaimed by this Mississippi->Chicgao->back to Mississippi -> back to Chicago -> Lincoln, NE blues artist. According to Wikipedia:
Magic Slim was forced to give up playing the piano when he lost his little finger in a cotton gin mishap.[2] He moved first to nearby Grenada.[3] He first came to Chicago in 1955 with his friend and mentor Magic Sam. The elder Magic (Sam) let the younger Magic (Slim) play bass with his band, and gave him his nickname.[2]
In 1980 he recorded his cover version of Mustang Sally.
Which is good, but not as gripping as "Gravel Road"

Sir Mack Rice - Right Now (listen) If one is going to go "Mustang Sally" I guess you should look to the guy that wrote it, along with "Respect Yourself," "Cheaper to Keep Her" and the slightly less culturally beloved "Do the Funky Penguin, Pt. 1"

Here is Rufus Thomas, doing the aforementioned "Funky Penguin":

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