Tuesday, August 25, 2009

foolish lover of things

Kid Koala presents The Slew - 100 % (out September 23) This has proven to be excellent get-settled-into-my-new-office music, though I doubt that was the ultimate goal of Mr. Koala and his cohorts. This album was created as a psyche-rock flecked score to a movie that never made it and bears that mark. The first thing I thought was Prince's Batman soundtrack, so its up to you to decide if that is a good or bad thing. I am setting up my own Batcave of sorts today, so it works.

Sweetwater - Sweetwater (listen) Drifting somewhere between Sergio Mendes and Jefferson Airplane, Sweetwater's 1968 debut is an overreaching charmer. No idea is discarded, be it ba-ba-ba's one would expect to find up in one's beautiful balloon, or bizarre studio electronics jarring a song that can't really handle the shake.

I've promise I will never make other foolish lover's mistakes the singer offers in "Come Tale a Walk With Me," but really, aren't the mistakes ultimately the the greatest benefit of being a foolish lover of things, provided you survive them? In "What's Wrong?" they lay out who is causing the real problems.

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