Tuesday, August 11, 2009

gimme a hamburger! and some popcorn!

Boozoo Chavis - The Lake Charles Atomic Bomb (listen) OK damn, I started liking this record as a curiosity

and some where around here

it transcended novelty to sit in the realm of peculiar genius. The song and the performance are coupled by a low-power gravitational co-orbit, or maybe, more correctly, listening to it is like being passed on the highway by a beat up car towing an even more beat up car with a rope.

Richard Hell & the Voidoids - Destiny Street Revisited (streaming via Listen@MBV) Look out, here he comes again! With a completely different kind of unhooking of song and performance! Redoing the vocals and guitars of 1982 Richard Hell and Robert Quine, respectively, by a 2009 lil-bit-geezery-sounding Richard Hell and Marc Ribot/Bill Frisell, respectively, seemed like a terrible idea for this "revisit," but then so did the Iggy remaster of Raw Power which pushes everything to the red, until you go back and listen and are forced to admit, OK, the original did kinda sound like shit and the new version sounds a little fantastic. What I'm thinking is: if Richard Hell can sound this good on old material now, he needs to rend some new stuff from the fat of modernity, maybe get Kid Congo Powers on the case for sonics.

Here's the old stuff for comparison

Rocket from the Tombs - Rocket Redux (listen) See an even better-executed argument for re-recording your classic material.

New York Dolls - Rock 'n' Roll (listen) I've never even ventured into any of the new New York Dolls material because, well do you think you can make it with a Frankenstein?

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