Thursday, August 27, 2009

teaser city

Times New Viking - Born Again Revisited (out 9/22) Born Again Revisited sounds like it was recorded in a stolen car: an act that calls for planning, preparedness, skill, but also a willingness to DO IT NOW QUIT MESSING AROUND GO GO DO IT DO IT! Stacked up against earlier releases, this one might seem contrived and polished but put it next to other things, those other things think it is going to steal their wallet.

Times New Viking - "No Time, No Hope"
<BGSOUND src="file.wav">
Tortoise - Beacons of Ancestorship - This is another record (like the new Yo La Tengo, Drive-By Truckers and the Times New Viking above) that has been baseline listening lately, and I finally figured out what I have to say about it, review-wise and forthcoming.

Osso/Sufjan Stevens - Run Rabbit Run (out Oct. 6) An orchestral re-casting of Enjoy Your Rabbit, Mr. Stevens' 2001 album of electronic musings about the Chinese zodiac. As much as a Sufj-fan that I am, I'll confess that I have never been able to get into Enjoy Your Rabbit; electronic insularity does not seem to be a place where Our Eagle Scout is comfortable being. This, upon cursory listen, seems wondrous and weird. Here is the group performing "Year of the Ox" the opening piece of this album.

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