Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Už Jsme Doma

Už Jsme Doma - 20 Letů (lala) Part of me wants to believe that all rock bands from eastern Europe sound like these berserk progressive Czechs - deeply complicated, semi-metallic hyper-polkas gyrating drunkenly on the rim of oblivion. I suspect they all sound like Depeche Mode circa 10 years ago with cheaper production values, or garrish metal bands with lots of sheep's blood and synthesizers.

If I had a band, I would want them to be as unrelentingly awesome as Už Jsme Doma. Check out the women's choir, seemingly culled from the extras list of Liquid Sky, backing them up in this clip form their 20th anniversary show in 2005.

My favorite line from their wikipedia article is this:
Critics have also compared the band to Fugazi and Men at Work
That is eclectic! Even their backstory is killer:
Until the Velvet Revolution in Czech in 1990, the band was considered ‘illegal’ by the communist state and was forced to hold secret concerts and risk arrest if caught. Singer/guitarist/bandleader Miroslav Wanek was actively involved in the integration of democracy to Czech in the early 1990s. Despite this history, the band eschews straight-forward political commentary within their lyrics and art in favor of poetry and artistic symbolism.

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