Saturday, December 20, 2008

Junction, TX

Junction, TX, originally uploaded by real_voodooboy.

Junction is the appropriately named spot where the landscape is significantly not-home and where vacation really starts

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  1. Y'all must be driving to California! How exciting! I'm jealous. I've made that drive twice, once when I moved there and once when I moved back. I actually like going through West Texas, even though everyone talks about how much it sucks, because of the very reason you just said: the landscape is so utterly, interestingly unlike home.

    During the drive when I moved back home to Louisiana I went through Junction, and Kevin and I actually stayed a night in Ozona (just west of Junction). We have fond memories of Ozona because the mom and pop restaurant right by our hotel had great pie, and because being there meant we weren't driving in the rain at night anymore.

    During my first drive out to California three years earlier, though, I took a more southerly route through that part of Texas in order to see a little of the Big Bend area. We stayed for the night in both Del Rio and Alpine, and both were really un-home-like and interesting and fun! Next time you make this drive and have a couple extra days for the detour, I highly recommend the Big Bend-route excursion!

    Have a great vacation!