Monday, December 1, 2008

I wouldn't mind being this other Alex Cook

I get a number of other Alex Cook's in my Google alert. Recently the one I envied the most was an extreme fighter of moderate renown - it would be nice to have those skills at my disposal - but have been rather content to be the top Alex V. Cook in the Google rankings, letting the V. set me apart in the same way it sets my first and last name apart, like it was a court case involving the particular me v. the inherited (or in the case of Cook, adopted through my stepdad) lineage.

I'm happy with being me, but it is nice to know there is another Alex Cook slugging it out on the battlefield for interesting music, so if there is a reader here in the Halifax, NS area, belly up to the bar and buy a gin and tonic or Stella Artois (assuming that all the Alex Cook's in the world have the same favorite drinks. Actually, you may want to ask...) for the drummer on my behalf.

"suddenlyLISTEN Music and Kumquat New Music team up to present a concert of classic new music by Louis Andriessen, and Terry Riley; brand new music by Jerome Blais and old but new music by Mozart.

7pm Wednesday, December 3, 2008
The Music Room
5181 Lady Hammond Road, Halifax, NS
$15, available at the door

Simon Docking, piano
Suzanne Lemieux, oboe
Susan Sayle, viola
Norman Adams, cello
PJ Harvey, and Mike MacKenzie, saxophones
Zachary Fairbrother, guitar
Alex Cook, percussion
more info at the Future Records site


  1. On Google, I have a twin who is a Geology professor in Hungary (who did his PhD @ Wisconsin).
    On Myspace & Facebook there seems to be more Sandors than I would of ever drempt, and of various colors as well.

  2. And who knew PJ Harvey was also a Terry Riley-playing saxophonist?

  3. no kidding, she should work that into her next album... its bound to be more interesting than more piano ballads

  4. I'm really ignorant about google alerts. Are you tracking any new google searches in which your name comes up? It is a creepy world we live in.