Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Xmas to Me


  • A giant selection of tea from Harney & Son including a big tin of Russian Country blend which might be the reliably purchasable Russian Caravan tea of my dreams, and a box of White Vanilla Grapefruit tea, an elixir you will rightfully mock me for until you try it and then beg me for. I am drinking some Glendale Nilgiri right now as I type this
  • Really nice fleece-lined slippers - something I would have never in a million years asked for and now need and love; our house is old, with wood floors and barely insulated = cold
  • The restored text version of Naked Lunch. My nephew asked the guy at the bookstore what a good book for writers would be. I was all into this book 20 years ago when I read it the first time, all viral and dangerous, eating up my mind with Literature, man. I picked through it on the trip back and it holds up pretty well.

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