Wednesday, December 10, 2008

tiny fish hooks

William Brittelle's multiplanar hyper-awesome Mohair Time Warp (lala) is dutifully broken down at Badasses of Contemporary Composition. Emilíana Torrini's earthy Me and Armini (lala) has been sitting on my desk for a while now, staring at me with that beguiling stare of hers, so here goes. The first and most persistent thing that comes to mind is Edie Brickell, but if Edie Brickell brought it down a notch, letting a crack variety lounge combo do their thing quietly while she does her thing quietly, and in that restraint you can hear everything so clearly. There is more than a little Blossom Dearie in her (and in Brickell as well), so why not go to the source? (lala). Truth be told, I am not big on jazz singing - it sounds forced unless it is being delivered with stunning prowess, but Dearie's "Gentleman Friend" caught me with tiny fish hooks this weekend on the radio, and her subdued sunshine is perfect for this chilly, overcast morning.

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  1. It was nice to hear Blossom Dearie again. I listened to a few tracks and really enjoyed them. Thanks! I like Emilianni Torrini, too. She shows up on my Pandora a lot, but I can't decide if a whole record of hers would be good or cloying.