Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Is he the world's greatest blues singer?

John Lee Hooker? (lala) My instant reaction is no, he is not, but John Lee Hooker is the coolest blues motherfucker there was and that counts more in my book than just having a set of church pipes gone exquisitely dirty. Plenty of blues cats go the way of sophistication and , to me, lose the thread. It makes me appreciate the people like Cedric Burnside (lala) who understand the swing of the hammer the way John Lee Hooker did and the way his grandpa RL Burnside did. The Burnside kids (Cedric, Duwayne, Burnside Exploration (Rhapsody)) all get it, having found a way to keep this music from turning into a museum piece by ratcheting up the primitive grind that makes you want to do something wrong, or at least reference the possibility thereof.

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