Saturday, September 1, 2007

Yay Social Networking

Even though I am fully aware that the tech-luv, cafe-society key party of social networking sites is but a mildly bemused face on the front of marketing firms harvesting my numbers, I love this shit. I changed the Currently Reading thingy to's RSS feed.

One day we will look on RSS feeds and chuckle, "How quaint! Why not use the blink tag while you're at it?" but for now I get a collective unconsciousness Matrix vibe offa it and and their feeds and widgets, picturing our various blobs of reading and listening data as proteins bonded in the creation of some giant meme-beast. Likely, that beast will take form of Godzilla and destroy us all as I, head buried in a laptop, obliviously keep updating my dull minutiae in clean pleasing web forms for you three lucky readers.

Sign up! and friend me! I should make t-shirts that say this, but of course, someone already has.

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