Sunday, September 16, 2007

Parent Trap

Yesterday at the grocery store she was asking me a million successive questions
What is magma made of?
Is magma the hottest thing on the earth?
What can break up a rock?
OK, then what can break up a diamond?
It's made of clear coal?
What's inside a mirror?

and so on and so forth and only added to the frazzled hustle of the grocery store. We got over to the produce aisle and she asked "How do baby birds know when to leave the nest?" and I thought, what a poetic question to throw in amongst all these scientific inquiries, building her own escape route form the nest. I also thought, dude, we are in the middle of the grocery store so can we table this discussion for later? I quipped "Well, I think its has to do with instinct, like they just know" and she all but rolled her eyes and said, "No, it's a joke, Daddy. How do baby birds know when to leave the nest?....They just wing it. Get it? Wing it?"

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