Friday, September 21, 2007

There is no "I" in "meta"

This was copped from a bloggy friend who answered "no" to the first question.

Do you promote your blog?
Yes. Blogging has been very good to me, both psychologically and professionally, so I try to be good to it, if that makes sense. The seeds of my current career were planted in LiveJournal. Plus, I write to an imagined audience, it makes me want to write more and do it better. I had the same impulse when I was a radio DJ; I like the idea of a potential audience, perhaps more than a real one. Besides, my life's dream is to be a cult icon, so someone has to do the legwork on that.

How often do you check hits?
I actually don't know how to do this on Blogger, and in my ignorance, I thankfully have one less ego-trap time-suck into which I can fall. And, frankly, the low numbers would kinda bum me out.

Do you stick to one topic?
In that I follow my obsessions around, yes. I use this thing as a sketch pad, vault, test lab, archive. I considered working the music angle, since it is the lion's share of my writing, but I'd rather leave it open.

Who knows you have a blog?
Anyone that will listen. I am rather proud of this little venture.

How many blogs do you read?
Currently, 5, and a couple sweeps through my LJ friends list.

Are you a fast reader?
Yes, but I compensate with piles of useless input. Word of advice - stay away from all bulletin boards. As the lights dim and the spectre of death appears on the horizon, the guy that wrote the message board software will be sitting on Satan's smoldering lap, chuckling at the years you've frittered away when you could've be writing that book.

Do you customize your blog or do anything technical?
Yes, I am very into social networking gadgets, even though I'm sure my data is being harvested and clones of me are being readied from it.

Do you blog anonymously?
No. I made an early choice in the Internet life to post as myself, and have found it to be quietly rewarding.

To what extent do you censor yourself?
Mostly I try to avoid being boring, otherwise, I don't think I have that much of controversy to say. And I generally don't care about getting in trouble. Not that I am a badass or have unfaltering integrity, it's just that my dog runs faster off the leash.

The best thing about blogging?
Obsessing and meta-obsessing and whatever this is. Also, ego, ego, ego. I'm am half-pretending that I am being interviewed by the New York Times as I type this. No, Mr. Garner, I happen to think that I am using the web as an exoskeleton of my own divining, kinda like Dr. Octopus, to extend my reach and increase the tenacity of my grasp - so none of my time online is a waste. Much in the way Kanye West augments himself with Daft Punk's vocoder, I become harder, better, faster, stronger.


  1. Oh, I can help you in the hit counter my friend. Then your life is truly OVER. Not really, it eventually tapers off to a 1-2 times a day check.

  2. You know, you really should look into setting up an AdWords account and getting some advertising cash going. You could take this thing commercial man. I had adwords on my blog for awhile, but never made it to the minimum number of hits it takes for Google to actually send you money. That was sad enough to me that I quit blogging. So maybe don't do the AdWords thing after all.