Friday, September 21, 2007

Envy My Lunch

I headed to the wilds of North Baton Rouge to find some ramshackle BBQ place which was not where I thought it should be, so I opted for Bellue's. They are regionally famous for their sausage, boudin and bacon, but I've never had a plate lunch from there. Afterwards, I realized that I perhaps have never had a proper plate lunch before, if this what defines it.

For $6: four juicy baby back ribs, cornbread dressing, white beans with tasso, potato salad, and white bread for the sopping. I started to feel slight remorse that I didn't get a sausage plate from the Best Sausage Maker in Town, but lo, peeking at me from under the horror of bones and napkins was a perfect link of their Italian sausage, which was plump and firm like a hot dog (like Heaven), but smoky and nuanced inside (like Hell.)

I glanced up from this hallucination of meat to see the owner force a small plate of sweet potatoes on some guy waiting for his order, but before I could wave my sauce-covered hand and shout ME ME OVER HERE ME... he jumped on a motherfucking Segway and waved as he eased out the door. Mind you, this is in an "industrial wasteland" part of town, not some techno-hippie strip with a spa at one end and a gelato place at the other. He runs a welding yard right next door. I ran out after him to try and get a picture and establish that this was not some form of meat-fever overtaking me, but he had silently, futuristically eco-glided off into the welding yard before I could get my camera ready.

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  1. I have never actually seen someone on a segway, only Job on Arrested Development. They make me laugh so hard, I think I may have peed my pants if I saw that. I'm super jealous, not only of your plate lunch but of your sighting!