Thursday, September 27, 2007

The 2007 Oxford American Southern Music Issue

is here! And my piece on Daniel Johnston is on page 135!

From the website:

The Artists, 2007
Scott Barretta writes about the most incarcerated band in America; William Bowers on the befuddling Mayo Thompson; Anthony Mariani on the true progenitors of punk; Holly Gleason on the bedraggled, sharkskin-slick Dwight Yoakam; Aaron Cohen on the creepy, morbidly sweet songs of Percy Mayfield; Amanda Petrusich on the M.I.A. funk diva Betty Davis; Alex Cook on the open-wound genius of Daniel Johnston; Ben Greenman on the redemptive soul of Eldridge Holmes. John Jeremiah Sullivan on the awkward sublimity of the Roches; Plus more—much more. Come on, peek inside...

Here is my mug/blurb for the contributor's page:

Alex V. Cook is the music editor for and holds the distinction of being the only writer ever to appear in both genteel travel magazine Country Roads and extreme metal rag Hails and Horns in the same month.


  1. That's fucking awesome. I can't wait to read it.
    Will you have extra copies to sell, or do I have to I have to seek it out on my own?

  2. I don't actually. But B&N routinely carries it, should you be willing to test your cult deprogramming skills and dare to enter

  3. Awesome. I'll grab a copy of it tomorrow. Having a famous friend is so cool. Someone told me the other day that I kinda look like the chubby bad guy from Mission Impossible 3, but saying that I formerly occupied the cubicle across from Alex V. Cook is way cooler. Plus it doesn't imply that I'm fat.

  4. OK, but when I work that day that you talked me into going to Sonic twice to get sausage toaster sandwiches in the same 4 hour span makes it into a hilarious new screenplay, the jig might be up...