Thursday, September 20, 2007

Act nice and gentle with me

I drove home on River Road listening to The Black Keys' Rubber Factory, unearthed from the garbage dump under the seat in my car.

As I was making this long lopey curve, driving a little too fast, feeling those slight G-forces, the stoney guitar gallop in "Act Nice and Gentle" kicked in, as if it was being coughed up from by car after a juicy bong hit.

I glanced up and saw a buzzard gliding in in a lazy arc opposite to the curve of the road, as if it were completing the circle. Corny, perfect rock 'n roll moment.

The Black KeysAct Nice and Gentle

or go here, if the player didn't appear

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, the early autumnal light these days makes for some great 'get in the car and pick your soundtrack' moments. I had pretty much the same drive with Boards of Canada's 'In a Beautiful Place Out In the Country' just the other day.