Saturday, September 29, 2007

Goodreads: An American Family by Harry Crews

Wow. OK this book is short, like short-story short and though I loathe to bring up William Burroughs now that I am no longer 19 nor nervously intrigued by extreme possibilities that form the antithesis of my placid life, this little romp of sexless sex and torture and mayhem reminds me of my favorite part in Naked Lunch, where a brother and sister are acting out a stark tableau of brutality on a gallows platform. This also reminded me of Cormac McCarthy's No Country for Old Men, it Read More...


  1. did you know that wgo won an art contest in highschool? it was a painting of william burroughs, and it hung in a senators office in dc. i accepted the award for him because there was a soccer game that night. good stuff, i say!

  2. Harry Crews! He came to read at the bookstore where I worked in Florida. It was my job to take him out for dinner afterwards. He had a mohawk and a girlfriend named George and he made me drink whiskey. Good times, and slightly scary times for a 19 year old.
    I think "A Feast of Snakes" is his way, way best.