Monday, April 4, 2011

run to the hills

Trippy... the digital went crazy during Rango. There should be a moratorium on declaring digital things to be "a bunch of 1's and 0's" as if that is some sort of meaningful reduction implying a oneness/managability accessible through this astute observation. It is like saying any words on any page are just paper and ink and therefore anyone should be able to understand and create them. Music is just vibrations in the air. Cathedrals are but another arrangement of bricks.

Small Faces, Small Faces
Cheap Trick, In Color
The whole last LCD Soundsystem show at Madison Square Graden on YouTube
Iron Maiden, Iron Maiden

I'm convinced this playlist will make perfect sense and possibly even create a new thing in the negative space after the fact. I can already see its precsence taking shape as logic/taste recedes from the locus. The parting of stage curtains creates a universe and their closing ceases its tenure. Or something. I'm tired and not ready for the tangibles before me this week. Cheap Trick understands. Eddie understands. I'ma get to it before I run to the hills.

Maya had her first crack at band practice this weekend. I already like it more than the new Panda Bear record.

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