Saturday, April 9, 2011

Meatball poboy

Coffee. Target for new bike helmet. Long bike ride. "Italian Lover" sandwich. Meatball poboy (my new rapper name). Botanical gardens, with irises going full blast. Coffee. Park to help friend release turtle into the lake. Free kayaking at the lake! Free paddle-surfboarding at the lake! Wipeout of the paddle-surfboarder at the lake! Free t-shirts from the free kayaking and paddle-surfboard providers. Different park. Kids disappointed at missing the wipeout. Dads next to me discussing Cuba and the Middle East. Maybe the first non-conservative collection of white playground dads in East Baton Rouge Parish history, but I'm not really listening that close. Kids discussing the Beatles and Jack Black and the Beatles again. Keep hoping the coffee truck shows up. Their kids are pussies, complaining of sweating and being dirty. Mine are actually sweaty and dirty and occupied in their inner worlds. Scratch that- they just walked up complaining of being sweaty, but want to go home to make mudpies, so that's something at least.

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