Friday, April 15, 2011

absterge the podex

Samuel Beckett, Molloy
The Spencer Davis Group, Time Seller
David Bowie, Live Santa Monica '72
White Stripes, White Blood Cells

  1. Hey, I finished Molloy and reviewed it (3 out of 5 stars) over at the Goodreads:

    Molloy is funny in the flattest possible way. Bike tire flat. Like, "the idea of a joke is itself a joke" sort of funny with which you can curl up for a long night of starring at the darkened wall of your empty soul. A little like a pratfall except you get to watch the damage of the fall slowly spread until the faller is eventually permanently incapacitated. Hilarious! Read more!
  2. This David Bowie live album from '72 is the nazz. The nazz, y'all.
  3. I started to talk about a bunch of things I haven't written and then erased that and reformatted this post as a numbered list, and then added this back. Exactly why, while agreeing that Tao Lin's online mask is cloying and a little aggravating, I think Tao Lin is onto something.
  4. One of the best parts of Molloy was this numbered list toward the end, partially repeated below:
    1. What value is to be attached to the theory that Eve sprang, not from Adam's rib, but from a tumour in the fat of his leg (arse?)?
    2. Did the serpent crawl or, as Comestor affirms, walk upright?
    3. Did Mary conceive through the ear, as Augustine and Adobard assert?
    4. How much longer are we to hang about waiting for the antechrist?
    5. Does it really matter which hand is employed to absterge the podex?
  5. I mean, antechrist? Absterge the podex? Sweet Mary's ear? This book's the gift that keeps on giving!

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