Thursday, April 14, 2011

fat ass tomato

Hello, fat ass tomato! So nice of you to make an appearance in my garden. You should invite some of your blooming produce friends to join you.

Matmos, Supreme Balloon
Bruce Chatwin, In Patagonia
Beck, Guerolito
DJ Spooky, Dubtometry

They should made a variety of tomato called "Fat Ass Tomato". It'd look adorable at the plant store.
Her plums were ripe and her garden full of roses.
In Patagonia bursts with jewels like that sentence, in this case describing an old woman making tarts at a little table, virtually paralized after being stranded in water up to her neck at that very table during a flood.

Here is what an edited manuscript looks like. It looks eerily like an undeited one except someone has made little marks in pencil all over it, kinda like hobo signs revealing a hidden navigation by strangers of an otherwise familiar neighborhood. It's also better than an unedited one because it means at least one other person is physically able to get through it.

It was Samuel Beckett's birthday and on that ocassion I heard that he had been the neighbor to a young Andre the Giant, a child so huge that Beckett's truck was often enlisted to ferry the boy to school. Good company!
I offered my face to the black mass of fragrant vegetation that was mine and with which I could do as I pleased and never be gainsaid.
-from Molloy

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