Wednesday, April 6, 2011

quantum aberration

Here is my daughter doing figure 8's on her new bike to illustrate "my" "point."

Cheap Trick, Dream Police
Junip, Fields
Dickie Landry, Fifteen SaxophonesPanda Bear, Tomboy
Walter "Wolfman" Washington, On the Prowl

I had a dream last night that "Dream Police" was stuck in my head, a thing so meta that I fear it might cause some sort of quantum aberration, a time-travel incident that forever changes everything from that point on. I am on the lookout to see if everything is "different" in "the world" "now." That's what happens when you have quantum aberration dreams, you have to start putting things in quotes. Like, what do I mean when I say "now"; is it a "now," this-moment-in-time now or a "different" now based on this new course of events and the former universe in which we all once lived is orphaned off in the ether? Or does it keep going? Or does it even "exist" or are we "it?" See, it's like being trapped in a conversation with "that guy" at a  cocktail party and I "am" that guy. And the other guy. And the party. And there are no cocktails.

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