Monday, April 11, 2011

the matter of "mattering"


Rockpile, Seconds of Pleasure
Fugazi, In On the Kill Taker

Joe Bonomo asked on his Facebook for the most exciting 45 seconds of rock 'n' roll and among the nominations I put up (the opening to the Stooges' "Search and Destroy", almost all of "Pay to Cum" by Bad Brains) I feel strongest about the beginning of Fugazi's "Facet Squared". It is a teenage nuclear submarine locking target and firing all torpedoes. I'm supposed to do a guest lecture in a class about 10 albums that matter and through that, the matter of "mattering" and I was going to put it all together over the weekend but I kept getting in the water and no matter how cold it was, it felt better than thinking about records.  So here I am, torpedoes on lock ready to fire away. Pride no longer has definition/Everybody wears it, it always fits/A state invoked for the lack of position. Hm. I don't know about all that. I like the sound of music more than the words. That opening,though. I should make that my alarm, and then set an alarm. Then get to it.

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