Monday, April 25, 2011

hot throbbing

Shaky walkway around the side of the Pat Davis Lounge being further shaken by Keith Frank and his band.

Treme, Season Two
Big Sam's Funky Nation, Take Me Back
The Ex, Dizzy Spells

Terry Edwards, Terryedwards
Bonnie Jo Campbell, American Salvage
Geraint Watkins, In a Bad Mood
Jesse Lége & Joel Savoy & Cajun Country Revival, The Right Combination
Paul Simon, So Beautiful, So What

If he could find the phone number, he could shave and put some of that oil on his hair to make it lie flat, and he'd drive to her house.
    "Oh, God," moaned one of the women upstairs. As Jim listened, he let his forearm fall across his leg, and the pain of the burn erupted anew. How had he been so stupid as to move his body that way?
    "Oh, oh, oh oh, oh!" one of the women gasped. And the voice broke free: "Sweet Jesus, yes! Oh, yes! Yes!"
    "Shut up!" Jim screamed into the heating duct. "Stop doing that!" His heart raced, and he stood too quickly, and the bandage pulled, and then he banged the leg against the arm of the couch and collapsed. He sat there feeling his whole existence reduced to hot throbbing.
- from Bonnie Jo Campbell's "The Hurt."  

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