Wednesday, October 26, 2011

horror vacui

You can't fear a vacuum filled with cheeseballs

Tuxedomoon, Soundtracks/Urban Leisure
Per Petterson, I Curse the River of Time
Haruki Murakami, 1Q84
Tom Waits, Frank's Wild Years

  • I feel hungover without the benefit of a hanging.
  • I feel like 'writing something' is sitting right there in that kind of heavy plastic packaging that you end up using a steak knife to open. I just recently finished two big things so I should just let it shine inside the packaging a bit, let the want retain its integrity without spoiling it with the want for the want. But, I want to crack it open and play with it.
  • I feel alright; I don't mean this to come off glum. My friend Terry looked at one of my paintings and said I have horror vacui, a fear of empty spaces, that I want to fill it all up. That's why I check out 10 library books I'm not going to read and then trade it in for one massive one that, if history is a fortune teller, won't get read either. I'm okay with playing things out that way.
  • I feel vindicated! I just listened to Tom Waits' "Straight to the Top" for the first time in ages

    and there is a boxing match sound effect that came from an old sound effects record I once used in an audio piece back when I was a maker of audio pieces. I think Prince uses the same one in "Pop Life."  Funkadelic used some effects from that same record on "Wars of Armageddon". It's a weak form of vindication, but I'll take it. I got the sound effects record from the same library that I got those books from. One of the things I have a mind to write centers around checking out the same book from three different libraries. This sense of drama is precisely why I steer away from fiction. I have a flyer on my desk for a class on performance art that a friend of mine is teaching next spring. It has a picture of a naked woman laying on the floor with a skeleton lying on top of her.

  • I feel a little like that. I like the look on her face. She had a touch of that now, what am I doing, again? look about her that I like. Maybe that's what I'm talking about doing, or maybe that's what I can call it. Isn't the nature of art being able to call it art? But, don't you have to do something to feel a way about it? To call it someting, don;t you need an "it"? You do! Okay! I feel a lot better! Thanks! I'm gonna listen to "Strange Powers" for the 100th time this week because I feel like I have them!

    "When we kiss it feels like a flying saucer landing" C'mon!

    Bonus: have you ever heard the Magnetic Fields cover of "Heroes"? Me either! But we can be them. Heroes, that is.

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