Wednesday, October 12, 2011

fall reading list

My fall reading list, not including Revolutionary Road and Donald Ray Pollock's The Devil All the Time queued up on Kindle from the library. You do know you can check out books on your Kindle now, right?

Richard Yates, Revolutionary RoadJoe Henry, Reverie
Chris D., Love Cannot Die

  • I'm particularly excited about delving into Jujitsu for Christ, lent to me by Professor Fury who is writing a forward for a forthcoming new edition. Also I was so excited to see I Curse the River of Time on new books shelf at the library that I didn't realize it was the large print edition until it was already checked out and then got a little more excited because I can actually read it. I grow blinder as each mote of youth tumbles out of eyeshot; the reason I lately prefer iPad reading to actual book reading is because I can blow up the text huge.
  • Thanks to Fred for extracting Petal Pusher from a Pennsylvania Big Lots and sending it. New Texture has a great fall lineup - I haven't thought about Chris D. in years; his A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die lies legs up at the bottom. I'm particularly stoked about Donna Lethal's Milk of Amnesia, excellently hyped by Jim Linderman at his Dull Tool Dim Bulb blog. It is moving up the stack as soon as Richard Yates gets done operating The Existential Literary Bummer like a leaf blower on my psychic driveway.
  • A student of mine brought up Reality is Broken, which would serve as an excellent non-fiction data-backed-up companion to Ready Player One except, jeez, why do books about the infectious immediacy of new media all have to be so long? Perhaps the reason new media is so engaging is because it gets to it. Like, parts at the onset of The Information blew my mind, but it became a bit of a dust storm 200 pages later.
  • I'm also thinking about doing NaNoWriMo, but then I think about a lot of things. I should focus on  not racking up library fines with this stack.
  • So yeah, this fall is all angst, technological saturation, divorce, not writing, and drug problems. Whee!

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