Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Paul at all, Jake on the Make

Paul Dean, An Angry Butterfly, featured in his exhibition The Shirt off My Back at Baton Rouge Gallery in February (opening reception Wednesday night). If you know Paul at all, you know he's got the shirts to make a show like this happen.

The Fall, Bend Sinister
Gallon Drunk, From the Heart of Town

Media announcement: In the Feb 2011 issue of  225, I review Grande Isle, the stellar new CD by Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys and offer a taste of the Flatscape video art presentation at the Baton Rouge Gallery on Feb. 18.

The cradle of civilization is crumbling before our eyes! Masses of birds fall from the skies and cattle drop in their fields! (Or is that happening any more? Is the mass demise of beasts so January?) And now Harper's looks like it's about to kick. Were I "eschatological" like my Facebook profile claims, I'd be excited but in reality, I lie to FaceBook part of the time, like Duchamp did to his networks. I feel so ill at ease with the political, especially when trying to find some humor in it. I guess because there are lives at stake and shit.

More in my wheelhouse, I want to hear Something Dirty, this new Faust album featuring the drunk guy from Gallon Drunk but will have to wait until the locusts finish off all the wine and bring it wriggling like a work to my ears. Or just buy it. Meanwhile, here's "Jake on the Make" though if you are Rhapsody-enabled, rock the f out to "Bedlam" instead.

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