Monday, February 14, 2011

a rave on the moon


Rick Moody, The Four Fingers of Death
Meat Puppets, Meat Puppets II


Miles Davis, Bitches Brew Live
Charanjit Singh, Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat

What a difference a meeting makes! I started out as the taciturn indie rock listener you see above you, content just to show off his new glasses like they are a sudden blossoming of his personality, and then after I was ready for a rave on the moon!Boing Boing kinda gets on my nerves with their steampunk obsession and their toy-store aproach to technology, but they come through with stuff like this:

 This proto-Acid House record was recorded in 1982, five (!) years before Phuture's genre-defining "Acid Tracks." Curious to learn more about Singh, I turned up a short Guardian article about the reissue on Edo Bouman's Bombay Connection record label. In the early 1980s, Singh had a wedding band and was a session musician on Bollywood soundtracks when he was inspired by the imported sound of disco.

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