Friday, February 18, 2011

The boring kind.

Probably the last pics of the part of Westmoreland they are tearing down, since it is almost all torn down.

Rick Moody, The Four Fingers of Death
Ron Carter, Uptown Conversation
Gary Bartz, Juju Street Songs
Chick Corea, The Complete "Is" Sessions

"I'll tell you what your kind of life is; do you want to know what your kind of life is? The boring kind. Your idea is that you'll maybe sit around for a while and listen to some jazz on the web, on some website that's about to go out of business because not one person has ever listened to any of the shit that they play on there ---"
Rick Moody, The Four Fingers of Death
Music like jazz and photos like this make a body want to discuss structure, but I suppose that is another indicator of the boring life.

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