Wednesday, February 23, 2011

go unions!

Lavender Mist happening right outside my office window. Or maybe Hero and Leander.

Pascal Comelade, L'argot du bruit and La Catedral d'Escuradents

I am way into this Pascal Comelade guy, one of the dudes behind Assemblage de pièces comeladiennes du plus bel effet from yesterday. Sorta ding-dong kitch tango, skating rink jazzzzz, make-a you want-a spicy a-meatball restaurant ska, sentimental ragtime from some lost hipster universe. Something. He throws in songs like Faust's "The Sad Skinhead" which take a second to register and then when they do, there is an actual typerwiter-sounding bell that brings you to the next line. I bet he smokes extra-smelly cheap French cigarettes and can explain dada in such a way that will make you call up and quit your job.

Speaking of jobs, and heroes and right outside your window - go unions! It's almost like unfettered predatory capitalism doesn't seem so appealing down at the watering hole when you realize you are the prey.

Here is Pascal giving Jonathan Richman's "Egyptian Reggae" the business.

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