Thursday, February 24, 2011

when I shot this Bobcat at rest

My old trusty iPhone 3G finally gave up the ghost so I updated to a 3Gs for $50 and it's such a leap forward. I know the 4 is the business and there's gonna be a 5 and yadda and yadda, only $200 and more yadda, but the camera quality alone is all I lay my burden down, which is what I thought of when I shot this Bobcat at rest this morning with it. Checking my calendar and Leoš Janáček-ing on Rhapsody at the same time while taking in a moment of lunchtime spring, I'm certain I peeped with glee.

Ok, it's not a bobcat, but instead a backhoe,  but I like the idea of "a bobcat at rest." And shooting one.

Trans Am, Thing, Sex Change, and Liberation
Vlach Quartet, Janáček: String Quartets 1 & 2, Youth Suite for Flute (Piccolo), Oboe, Clarinet, Horn, Bassoon, and Bass Clarinet
Rachel's, Systems/Layers

Speaking of Glee, sort of, not really, I watched a whole episode American Idol for the first time last night because the wee Beatlemaniac needed to critique the oversinging of hits by her favorite band. I'm no TV elitist - lemme tellya which hoarder and prison shows are the best - but for real, people like American Idol that much? It's not one of those things the the Miss America pageant: still on because it no one has the heart to take it off? Weird.

There sitll isn't a decent Blogger app. Just sayin'.

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