Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Firebreather from the Krewe of Jupiter & Juno parade here in Baton Rouge last week.

Throbing Gristle, "20 Jazz Funk Greats" from 20 Jazz Funk Greats
Various Artists, Assemblage de pièces comeladiennes du plus bel effet
Various Artists, Terry Edwards Presents: Ontogeny (No Fish Is Too Weird For Her Aquarium Vol. II)
Pascal Comelade, Traffic D'abstraction
Ogurusu Norihide, Modern

"Assemblage de pieces comeladiennes" might be a band, or some form of collective. Or maybe just an event. Maybe we all are just an event. Whatever it is, it has a MySpace and is patiently tapping my button this morning, like the President might The Button. Just idly tapping, feel the embossing of the word "launch" on the ridges of his fingerprint. Not enough to really push it... And they have videos!

4 juillet 2009: Schizophonic cabaret (Autour de Pascal Comelade), organisé par Vert Pituite la belle aux voûtes (Paris)The skatalan logicofobism" (Pascal comelade) par My favorite sideburns Orchestra, Olivier brisson (batterie), Quentin Dubost (guitare), Benjamin Commault (guitare), Christophe Marais (basse) Soirée organisée pour la sortie du disque "Assemblage de pièces comeladiennes du plus bel effet" chez Musea/Gazül

This guy's solo stuff is the stuff. Pascal Comelade "Promenade des schizophrènes"

I also liked this shot of the marchers from the 501st aka "Vader's Fist".

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