Thursday, February 17, 2011

the wall where the window was

Another view of the husk of Westmoreland. I'm trying to decide whether I need some cement blocks. There was an old shoe repair shop in this strip that had a giant vise-like cobbling tool in its window and just yesterday I was toying with getting it to put in the garden or just to have, and now not only is the thing gone but so is the window and the wall where the window was.

Townes Van Zandt, Flyin' Shoes
Joe Ely, Down on the Drag
Beaver Nelson, Little Brother
Jon Dee Graham, First Bear on the Moon

Did you read that crazy Billy Ray Cyrus thing in GQ? You will walk away with probably the same measure of love for Billy Ray Cyrus with which you came to it, but the details are luminous. Like how he and Kurt Cobain were friends and how Satan hounds him and his family.

I think I saw Jon Dee Graham at the Red Star once. Like it was a surprise he was there, performing in the band of somebody else I went to see. Whatever the circumstances, it was also luminous.

Speaking of, here is the moon winking at us last night.

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