Friday, October 10, 2008

Two essays assigned by my daughter

150 words on what not to do at a stop light
by Alex

You should not run over a kid who forgets to look both ways before
crossing the dang street! You also should not pick your nose and eat
your boogers - I have seen poeple do this in their cars; I think they
think no one can see them. It is okay to sing along with the radio,
especially if your most favorite jam comes on. But if you get to a
stop sign and you are singing, be warned that people on the corner can
hear you, and well, not everyone is a super awesome singer. You should
probably not talk on your cell phone because you are driving and you
need to pay attention, but for real - everybody does it. But the worst
thing is to pick your nose while singing into your cell phone,
especially when some kids are not looking when they cross the dang

what to do if you are not funny
by maya
you do not tell jokes. you act royl. if you hear a joke say oh my
hevens! please please do not laugh. if you laugh you will get in
trobel by me. are you laughin? you are in trouble !i'm telling !

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