Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm already liking that first answer

Urban Dictionary Meme

Answer the following questions and then
add in the definition

1. Your name?

Someone that is of extreme greatness. Often considered as a god in some religions. Also means cool.
Girl: yeah he is sooo Alex

2. Your age?

The act of doggy style, hitting it from the back ferociously, sliding up to the bumper in order to saddle up and ride. Other variations include pterodactyl and is based on doggy style. Phallus can be inserted into anus or vagina. True 39ing normally includes a great deal of screaming. Blood flow may ensue. 39ing never includes homosexuals queer(s) and faggot(s).
1. When Josh was 39ing Lexxe, he lifted the sheets and pulled a Pterodactyl, screaming like a deranged dinosaur and shooting his cum deep into her unprepared asshole while Thomas, stationed in the closet, videotaped while softly stroking his erect rod.
2. Stemp said, "Bob 39ed Mary so much, she required stitches to repair her demolished vagina."

3. Name a friend.
Chip (2nd definition)

When someone benefits themselves by making you suffer. Screwing you over.
Man, he sure chipped you. Don't try to chip me!

4. What should you be doing?
debug (2nd definition)

adj. To have ears larger than one's nut sack.
noun. Young, hormonal teen creature with the disease teen rage.
adj. Spacker.
Debug you spacker.

5. What is your favorite color?

an East Indian person
That was her brown boyfriend Sanjay

6. What is your home town?
Baton Rouge

kickass city; home of the LSU tigers and beautiful women
Dude lets go to Baton Rouge and hit up some ladies.

7. In what month you were born?

Indefinite date, usually implied when something is coming soon, but the definitive date is unknown.

See also procrastinate
New and improved, coming this March!

8. Who is last person you talked to?

the most awesomest girl, hot, smart, a human calculator, the best wifey on earth, a hot damn flower child. gorgeous eyes, great personality. and purple. :)
who's that purple girl over there?

what?! don't you know sheesh.

no i dont tell me.

it jerri. :)
(Ed: I was with you until "purple," Gracie Jayy)

9. What is your nickname?

Adult Video,
Japanese porno films

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