Saturday, October 11, 2008


(I almost never remember a dream, and when I do, they play out like
bad student films.)

It took place in the 30s Germany - I know it because the subcurrent of
the dream was that Jews were being corraled into gated neighborhoods,
fenced in wrought iron similar to that of the entrance to the zoo. An
old man was spying the gate. He talked the other old men around him
into charging the gate. The guards laughed at their advance, letting
the gate swing open only to slam on them at the last second.

Only something went wrong; right then there was a ruckus in the
street, reporters running, flashbulbs going off, "Your Highness!" It
was Prince Charles and Price William making a state visit to the town.

The old man managed to slip through the gate in the confusion, while
Prince Charles scolded the guards for their mean trick. He began
asking what the gate was all about anyway and his handlers quickly
hurried him off.

The old man nervously wandered around some back alleys, cautious of
the fact that he was blending in with the people on the street. He sat
on a stoop, a little bewildered by the experience, when he noticed a
face locked in on him. It was Prince Charles. The Prince made his way
through the crowd, crazy dream walking - he appeared still while
moving. "You are the guy from the park. You escaped!" The old man was
hyperventilating and on the verge of passing out as Prince William
bounded up.

The old man woke up in a modern hotel shower, not sure how he got
there. He dried off, put on a fresh, folded beige robe laying on the
sink, and stepped out into the room. Prince Charles, dressed in casual
attire, was half-laying on the hotel couch. William was dressed the
same, sitting in a chair. They both stared at the old man. "How did
you get to this fate?" Charles asked.
"Same as you," the old man replied.


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  1. It's fascinating to me that you aren't in your dream. I don't think I've ever had a dream (or remembered one) in which I wasn't the star - my dreams are very centered on my own emotional experience, in a very up-front way instead of in the sneaky psychological way you got going on.