Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I tried to get them to put the water jug in front of my head

but it wasn't big enough to eclipse the giant meatball resting on my shoulders. This is a pic of the OA panel at the Book Festival is from the blog of Sara Roahen, author of the essential Southern food exploration Gumbo Tales: Finding My Place at the New Orleans Table, seated in the middle. On the far left is Ada Liana Bidiuc, and on the right with his head cut off is Marc Smirnoff of the Oxford American.


  1. Hey Alex, I'm Matt, married to Sara. Met you on Saturday. Thanks for the praise of her book. I started reading yours and I'm enjoying it a lot. I particularly laughed at your comments about Leonard Cohen as I have the exact same reaction to him: after three songs the novelty wears out. Sara, however, never tires.
    I guess it's payback for the months on end I've spent listening to Fiona Apple.

  2. Alex: I had one more photo, in which your head was completely obscured by the pitcher. Next time, we'll work on prop placement.