Saturday, November 12, 2011

Real! Look!


  • I tailgated the eventual trouncing of Western Kentucky by LSU with my friends and editors at the LSU Press and got to see the cover for my book! I wish I could share it, but I'm sworn to secrecy. It looks great, and I'm not just saying that because this makes it one more notch toward being real - it really does look good. I feel safe showing you the page from the Press' Spring 2012 catalog. Real! Look!

  • 42-9. I mean, LSU is a nuclear pit bull with laser claws this season and it was the homecoming game and what's a Hilltopper anyway, but man. That's an ass kicking.

  • One wishes the marauder mindset from which college football draws its fire would have put the monstrosities at Penn State in their crosshairs. I live in a coach worshipping city, so I know for a fact that Joe Paterno could have made one phone call and had that guy drawn and quartered in the Quad. He could've made a single speech on behalf of the victims, this case and generally, and people would be talking Nobel peace prize. And you know he thought of that, because that's what those guys do, think of things, and he didn't do it.

  • It's why people hate the 1% - not because the have power and privilege, it's because they are cowards at using that power when the horrible world calls them to. They can't even call each other out as cowards because there is some .01%-er instructing them not to. I mean, read this story about a girl who is appeared from a cruise ship.

  • Bummer city. Onto trivial matters: Jessica Lange's character in American Horror Story is the best thing on TV. The show is trash-good, but she is the smoldering ember on its cigarette. She'd fuck a child molester up. Just saying.

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