Monday, November 14, 2011

get your hipster doomsday cult on

Photo by Maya Cook

This weekend:
Atlas Sound, Parallax
Korpiklaani, Ukon Wacka
Goatwhore, Eclipse Into Ages of Black

Grinderman, Grinderman 2
The Kills, Blood Pressures
The Last Shadow Puppets, The Age of The Understatement
Julian Cope, Autogeddon
Faust, Faust IV
and Something Dirty

Composers Quartet, Elliott Carter: String Quartets 1 & 2
WU LYF (World Unite! Lucifer Youth Foundation), Go Tell Fire to the Mountain

  • Monday: I am having an exceptional author day. I saw the final sketch of the cover of this book and started laying groundwork for what will possibly be the next and maybe possibly another. I feel oddly anthemic and triumphant inside, like how this sounds:

    Faust, "Something Dirty"
  • This week I'm gonna use photographs Maya took over her weekend of being grounded. I might outsource the whole Visual Arts Department to her.
  • The Age of Understatement by the Last Shadow Puppets makes me want to stage a bullfight in a record store. Provided one can find a record store. It might be easier to source the bullfight.

    Honestly, I've never really given the Arctic Monkeys the time of day  - mostly because having one dude with first name of Alex and another with the last of Cook means they bung up my ego-Googling  - and know naught of the other band whose member comprise the Last Shadow Puppets, but this record has my number.
  • Tuesday: Man, everybody on my network is suffering this morning, like the shit planet is in retrograde and spawning off shit comets aimed straight at us. So we'll get covered in shit from outer space! Big whoop. No reason to ruin Facebook over it. Just get your hipster doomsday cult on and revel in it.

    World United! Lucifer Youth Foundation, "Split It Concrete Like The Colden Sun God"


  1. "the shit planet is in retrograde and spawning off shit comets aimed straight at us. So we'll get covered in shit"

    sort of recalls a passage from murakami-- okada's monkey island retort to his vicious brother-in-law in WUBC

  2. I need to take another stab at that one. I'm slowly making my way through 1Q84 - I kinda wish it was published in the paper like Dickens novels were - so maybe I'll hit that next.