Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Or at least Slayer

Here is a link to the whole image

The Kills, Blood Pressures
Pretenders, "Louie Louie"/"In the Sticks"  and Learning to Crawl
Manic Street Preachers, Everything Must Go
Atlas Sound, Parallax (streaming from the New York Times)
Kurt Vile, Childish Prodigy

  • The above photo of Johnny Rotten doing the Huey Long at the Kingfish in Baton Rouge, 1978
    + Lou Reed/Metallica
    + Tom Waits
    = this week's
    Record Crate for 225 Magazine. The Baton Rouge Room of the East Baton Rouge Parish Library needs to make T-shirts of this immediately.
  • I'll add: While it is a trainwreck - it's the first time Lou Reed found backup singers that made *him* sound better - Lulu totally satisfied my desire for mainstream rock to be perverse. My biggest complaint is that Lou Reed didn't hire some Scandinavian church-burner types as his backing band. Or at least Slayer.
  • Also in the November issue of 225 you can find my interview with Ethan Holtzman of Dengue Fever. It's just like being there, which is good since they had to postpone their show.
  • Does the Rush Limbaugh Show still use "My City is Gone" by Pretenders as its bumper music? Never could figure that one out. Is Rush still on the air?
  • Parallax will rectify what plagues ya. Atlas Sound has made the best semi-music of the last 5 years I think. They are my favorite semi-band.

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