Thursday, November 3, 2011

more American and more beautiful

What I'm saying is: if you are choosing between crockpot filled with taco soup or one selectively half-empty, you are mulling over the wrong choices in life.

Kurt Vile, Childish Prodigy
Ramsay Midwood, Shootout at the OK Chinese Restaurant
The Grateful Dead, The Closing of Winterland,: December 31, 1978
Reigning Sound, Abdication... For Your Love (free d/l via Scion)

  • I would be cool to own a jukebox that just had this one single in it. I'd have a bucket of quarters labeled "Play Hunchback #100"

    Kurt Vile, "Hunchback"
  • Ramsay Midwood is playing out at Bourque's Social Club tonight! His Shootout at the OK Chinese Restaurant is the greatest moonshine country burnout record of all time. Like American Beauty but more American and more beautiful.

    Ramsay Midwoiod, "Chicago
  • Really, I bought OK on a whim because some crazy Russian dude on some obscure Americana message board was going on about the Ramsay Midwood board he set up, so I joined and he was the only one there and still posted all the time. I've lost that CD at least three times and rebought it each time. And I generally get music for free.
  • I am blowing all my good lines here by posting them on Facebook first.
  • There is a concept of "saving it for that stage" to which I never adhere. It's the kind of thinking that keeps people from creating as a common practice, a fallacy of holding back for a non-existent later showcase. To be great when it counts, you have to be great when it doesn't. It's the thing I like about blogs and social media; you are always on and sure, you could spend time honing the finished message, or you could instead hone the you that produces and on some level, IS the message. 

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