Wednesday, June 3, 2009

the steps we take to become more like Endicott

"Give Me Just a Little More Time" by Chairmen of the Board was just stuck in my head, and now it is stuck in yours. You're welcome!

And thanks to the embarrassment of riches that is the Semi-Pro soundtrack (listen) where I tracked the song down, I offer up the Blackbyrds, the streetwise jazz-flute-armed funk patrol recruited from Donald Byrd's music students at Howard in the early 70's. (listen)

I forgot to chart whatever steps brought me from there to the disco/ragtime crossover curiosity of Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band, (listen) but those steps were made, and it is a short jump from there to Kid Creole and the Coconuts, formed by Dr. Buzzard vibraphonist August Darnell, who apparently needed a weirder concept than disco/big-band to realize his vision. That led to this song that has been a little on my mind. You are welcome for this as well.

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